About the Author

Valerie Kerr is from Johannesburg South Africa.

She has ATCL and LTCL music diplomas and has been a piano, music theory, and singing teacher for many years.

She is a piano performer and composer. She is an author of children’s books. and inspirational books. 
She also has diplomas in meditation, hypnotherapy, and color therapy in which she always combines the healing power of music

She has composed many pieces of music that are registered with the South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO )


These experiences led Valerie to write inspirational and children’s books.

She felt the desire, in this age of technology to encourage children to maintain their inherent ability to create a world in their mind.

Elaine Alexander has qualifications in proof reading. She did the corrections for three of the four childrens books.


Helena Hegele         is very talented at illustrating Children's books. She did all the illustrations for My World Within  Fun with the Animals  and The Adventures of Selwyn and Robert  Saving Whako the White Lion.

Below is Helena with her work.

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